Agriculture and Orphans

By simultaneously focusing on environmental restoration, economic empowerment, and spiritual renewal, Ask&get shall promotes holistic transformation for rural communities. Environmental restoration is achieved primarily by mobilizing farmers to plant trees and hosting sustainable agriculture workshops. Partnering farmers shall plant millions of trees every year including native species as well as non-native species that benefit the community (e.g., trees for fruit and fodder). These trees restore the land, improve water sources, and promote better crop yields. Sustainable agriculture workshops likewise lead to a restored environment and more nutritious food for families. Our multi-year environmental core curriculum “Seeds of Change,” covers topics such as composting, agroforestry, farmer-managed natural regeneration, and whole ecosystem health. Economic empowerment occurs primarily through community-led savings groups where approximately 25 community members meet to save income, take out loans, and contribute to a social fund. Access to these financial services leads to improved livelihoods, increased education for children, and financial resilience. Through church partnerships and leadership training, Ask&Get promotes spiritual renewal among farming families. These efforts reinforce a strong commitment to community and reconciliation, and have resulted in increased hope, self-worth, and faith.

Nearly 1 billion people around the world live with disabilities.

Many of these individuals and their families live in poverty, pain, and despair.

In the United States alone, 48.9 million people (https://Ask& Get-exposure-create-normalcy-for-the-disabled-community/) have at least one form of disability. From physical impairments to mental ones, these challenges pose limitations on their lives and the world’s accessibility. To put that number into perspective, take a look around you next time you’re in a public space. Count the number of people you see, and then compare it to the statistic that one out of every five Americans has a disability. How many people in the room would that equal? The truth is you don’t have to look far to find someone who struggles with the daily challenge disabilities present. Twenty percent of our fellow Americans need some form of assistance to help them live their lives to the fullest. Will you extend your hand to help them?

Painting a Clear Picture of Disabilities in America

When we dig deeper into the data, we see the gap between disabilities and everyday life is not a black and white scenario that is easily resolved. Every challenge is different; every need is different. Of the millions who fall into the category of disabled:

  • 1 million live with severe disabilities
  • 2 million have a functional limitation
  • 5 million are youth

Young and old are striving to grow and learn not just how to live with their disability, but how the world treats them by having one. At Ask&Get we have made it our purpose to do all we can to ensure that these at-risk groups have the support they need.

Ask&Get Focus on Visual and Physical disability.

While Ask&Get believes in making today’s world more accessible for people with all types of disabilities, you’ll find we place a keen focus on both Disabilities, it’s an issue that sits at the root of our mission because it’s part of our story. More specifically, it’s part of Ask&Get Founder Robinson to tackle Today’s Accessibility Gap
The reality is this:

  1. 20% of Americans live with at least one disability
  2. 35% of working-age people with disabilities are employed
  3. 15% of people worldwide live with disabilities

Without improving the world’s accessibility, we do a disservice to the disabled. The quality of life for those living with these struggles is reduced as we limit them from living up to their full potential. This is illustrated clearly when we look at the meagre number of working-age people with disabilities in the United States who are employed. Currently, it sits at 35 percent Ask&Get asks what-companies-are-doing-to-improve-disabled-employment/), but Ask&Get believes with better accessibility that number can be much higher. Part of our mission is bridging the accessibility gap. We do this by promoting the creation and implementation of new adaptations and technology that makes everyday tools and activities accessible to all. Yet our work doesn’t end there. Across the world, it’s estimated that 15 percent of all people – that’s 1 billion human beings – have some sort of disability. By bringing people together through a commitment to invest in accessibility, we gain the ability to make the world a more welcoming place for those who need it most. At Ask&Get we’re committed to addressing these issues and advocating for the changes needed to be able to have a fully functioning life. With the legal impetus of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a large community committed to taking action, and the drive to improve accessibility across the globe, we know we can achieve our goal. Use the buttons below to learn more about our specific mission and goals.